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Making travel accessible for everyone

Reinventing The Travel Experience

About Us

Personalised Services

75% of our visitors are repeated customers. We place great emphasis on striking balance between professionalism and providing extraordinary service for our customers.

Uniquely Local Experiences

Our tours are not designed for the mass market. We combine adventure and storytelling, bringing customers on a journey that appeals to all senses.

Knowledgeable & Fun Guides

As a tour operator, we have the youngest management team and tour guides in Singapore with an average age of 30 years old. We are fun, enthusiastic and run on passion.

Value Worthy Excursions

We offer a diverse selection of tours, where there is something for everyone. We run the biggest walking tours in the country. Expect only quality and authentic experience. Master-of-all-trades.


Our Brands are Featured On:


 UBE is the leading pioneer of start-up and business innovation tours in Singapore. It nows run the country's first Guided "Silicon Valley of Singapore" Insider Tour.


Monster Day Tours is the biggest private & walking tour operator in Singapore. We combine adventure and professional storytelling to create quality experiences.


8xplore specialise in themed Singapore holidays curated for the China tourist. From food to culture to heritage to shopping, we have everything covered.

Our Brandmarks

The Woopa Group is managed by Woopa Travels Pte Ltd, a licensed travel agency based in Singapore.

Our travel brands serve varying markets and target audience with the main aim of

providing a curated experience for every traveller.

Our Brands

Travel Like You've
Never Done Before

Our Group was built upon our founder’s visionary travel concept of truly living for the moment and experiencing every activity to its fullest.

We encourage travellers to do it big and experience everything to its fullest – eat, play, explore and party as hard as one possibly can! 

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